Gnomebody Knows

Rust and Ice

Feb 15, 2015
in room past Rust Monster
room with dust piles, attacked by filthy gnome covered in rust with poison dagger. he ran, but we killed him anyway.
research assistant from Kjrranberg. had a rapier/longsword
down stairs fought giant skeleton and Hanrak was knocked unconscious. Ralk revived him.
Tarhun stirred up an otyugh, but in its offal pit he found a bag of holding with sword, pickaxe, a vial (resist cold) and other adventuring gear in it.

We took a short rest.

Feb 26, 2015
Mordy faerie fired an invisible creature in the hall, the professor! he is afraid of the Man in Yellow and attempts to flee
ralk knocks him unconscious
attacked a creature that causes darkness.
some drow feral creatures with carapace armor try to take the prof, but we rage and devil sight and thunder waved and stopped them
Zilno has a journal on him about meeting the Man in Yellow, who changes appearance all the time. He was an indentured servant but could end that if he retrieved a large dragonshard from here in Darguun. Thinks it might be a Draconic Prophecy memory stone.
“in temple everything in ice, place came back to life!"



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