Gnomebody Knows

Running for Cover, Clearing the Crack

Down we go. As we stand facing a dead giant we find statues of two dragons kneeling in deference to the long forgot conflict.

Travelling through the caverns we feel a warm breeze that pushes against cold. It welcomes us and beckons us forward. The caverns appears to have been undisturbed so perhaps our foes never knew of its existence. We explore forward but Tarhun’s now smells the faint and familiar smell of sulphur. The silence is overwhelming. I feel that we are the only living things here. Could the undead be near?

As we venture we enter a cavern with the smell. Centered in the room is an opening and the smell is stronger. My scales tingle as we venture forward.

Zilno is afraid that we are heading to Khyber. He feels it clawing at us. We all feels like we have crossed into something different. Eberron seems so far away now. We may have traveled to somewhere else.

We have no choice but to venture forth. Tarhun feels that we have finally found an entrance to Khyber. Just the first layer of Khyber. Eberron is truly far away. The stories have said that one entrance always returns but another whole often leads to a different part of Eberron. While we do not know where we go we know we must go forward.

The walls are too slick to secure to we must attach the rope down to the bottom. The dwarves are just too stubborn to allow a party member to carry them down. When we make it down the air hangs about us. It feels like I am home. All that is missing is the faint buzz of the mosquitoes and the hissing of the swamp snakes that we fed to the younglings.

As we go deeper we find creatures hatching as if I were viewing the yearly hatching of new dragonborn except these appear to be frogs like we used to hunt. My battle axe thirsts for battle. Something must be done.

Ralk charges into battle with a roar and Hanrak Blesses the party with a 1d4. The red devils charge into to bite and claw our party. With a glow of divine favor a thunderous wave pushes one away from Hanrak. The second slaad rushes in on Hanrak and attacks like a human child.

Ralk’s foes appears to be able to recover from our damage. We must find a better way to attack. With three attacks Ralk appears to only have been hit once. Their claws appear like needles piercing the skin. The battle rages on trading attack for attack but the beast appear to be healing from our attacks. Something must be done as I feel that Ralk has gone into a rage. As I am attacked the foul beast punctures my armor and I feel liquid entering my scales.

We have to find a way to damage these fiends. Ralk risking more attacks joins Hanrak and Tarhun in battle. Barely ducking a spiritual hammer sails over our heads and into this red devil.
After a pitched battle we defeated the Slaad after a heated battle. We need healing so we take a rest to recover.

We found 15 uncut stones worth an unknown value. Ralk remembers stories from his mother that the Slaad have a stone in their head that allows control of the foul creatures. Ralk stumbles upon four potions of some sort of healing and scroll tube with a first level spell (of our choice) and a larger potion of healing.

Tarhun cracks open the skulls of the Slaad and retrieve the spent gems and mounts them on his helm along the front in the form of an eye.


Yar lads! /Ralk


Nice! That was a tough battle, but we lived to fight on!


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