Hanrak Kundar

An angry dwarf fighter from the Mror Holds, Hanrak seeks to claim his rightful seat as ruler of House Kundarak.


Hanrak Kundar is a dwarf from the Mror holds. A quite removed cousin of House Kundarak, he has toiled in the service of his clan defending trade routes for many years, with little recognition as his family was destitute and without favor from the powerful house. On a route through southern Karrnath his caravan was attacked by undead, only Hanrak and a few dwarves survived. Hanrak’s remaining family member, his brother Durak, was killed in the attack and his body was never found.

Karrnath investigators whispered the Blood of Vol was to blame, and King Kaius promised that if the dwarves helped him they would get revenge against the cult. Avoiding the shame in returning to the Mror holds as a failed defender, Hanrak took the King’s offer, although he is suspicious of the King’s true intent.

Incidentally, on the morning after the caravan attack, Hanrak manifested the Least Dragonmark of Warding.

Hanrak Kundar

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