Gnomebody Knows

The Khyber Sea

Dominate the Fire Tosser

After travelling the under dark for almost four weeks we found the edge of a dark sea. As Tokando stealthily moves close to the edge he finds wreckage of many ships. As a boat pulls up he sees chained gnomish looking folks as well as dwarvish capturers.

AS the dwarfs disembark Lander calls upon fire from the depths and vaporizes two of the dwarfs. Ralk charges up as Tokando fires arrows into them.

As people disappear Ralk faces an invisible opponent. The master of the boat flies out into combat. A deadly illiad looking to feast on brains from poor Tarhun. After much combat the Ilthiad mind controlled Lander who cast fire bolts and attacked the party. He managed to shake the control after Tokando knocked Lander down.

Two enraged Duergar entered the frey but Ralk and Hanrak dispatched them into the murky waters.

A combined attacked finally brought down the mind sucking boss of the slave boats.

Items found on the ship:
hanrak searches in vain for magic but finds 950 GP worth of gems.

The gnomes give us direction to an outpost that leads to a larger portion of the Underdark but it is very treacherous but should lead out. They warn that ’He who controls the waters has returned."

Day 1: passes with no events.
Day 2: Sea has become noticeably choppy and is impeding our travel. The air is getting fetid. The crew is visibly shaken and keep muttering “He who controls”. Tarhun occasionally sees shapes under the water. Larger than Dragonborn and probably deadlier to smaller folk.

A still sea. No wind. The stillness is foreboding. Something is impeding our progress. To the OARS! Hanrak bellows. Tokando is sure that three separate shapes and closing in on the ship. Sharks are circling the boat and while we prepare Tokando and Lander fly off the boat and Hanrak asks for blessings upon Ralk, Tarhun and himself. So the combat begins!!

Two giant Sahuagin and six smaller Sahuagin. Tokando, Ralk and Tarhun attack but swings mightily against Ralk.

Tarhun gets drug into the seas while Hanrak and Ralk are delivering a beating on the larger Sahuagins. Beware! Something larger is coming to the surface.

As more large and small sahuagin die their master arrives. Stories tell of an aboleth that play with the minds of sailors.

The last of the large Sahuagin drops to the sword strikes of Tarhun.

A pitched battle occurred that drove the aboleth under the water. Tarhun charges under the boat to bring the fight to the aboleth as Ralk tries to heal Hanrak. Hanrank is affected by some ailment.

The aboleth charms Tarhun in order to get away. He tells Tarhun to convince the players that it is dead but that he knows where and what is in the lair.

It’s treasure consists of:
Mundane Relics of great value (1000 gp)
Ornate Spell Scroll (Mass Heal 7th level healing spell)
Pair of gloves that very supple – Tokando – Black and absorb light.
5 to sleight of hand and to pick locks. Gloves of Pick Pocket.
Very Ornate long sword (
1) – Tarhun is weilding
Nice periapt with a blood red jewel (necklace) – Ralk is wearing.
Periapt of Wound Closure –
auto stabilize when dying, Double hits points when rolling hit dice.

Tokando, Ralk and Hanrak dispatched the aboleth but Ralk can only survive in water. Hanrak and Ralk will need to be immersed in water every 10 minutes or take 1d10 acid damage.

Hanrak prays to the Sovereign hosts and is inspired and casts mass healing and restores the bodies and cures the diseases.

Hanrak heals

Day 3:



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