Gnomebody Knows

Facing the Giants

Quotal and Dragons fought Demons.
They were summoned and trapped.

Giant bound here in the dungeon. Their last activity was a millenia ago.
We asked about a key and the purpose.
It locked the gates and there is a memory shard.

There are votives and arcane materials in the room and were used to create the arcane symbol to trap the spirit.

Found: Boon of Reroll

Youthlaw – Hand Maiden

Glowing Amulet
Holy Symbol of Lolth
Map of Xen’drik
Giant Coins
Giant Dice

Large Bracelet – Inscribed with a Rabbit
___ coins

6 250GP art objects
Staff of fires – 6 charges
Warhammer adorned with gargolyes (+2 Nine Lives Stealer)
Khyber Dragon Shard

Hanrak received an aberrant Dragon mark of Death



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